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Kudos Software is well known name in dairy industry having presence in 14 states and more then 5500 satisfied clients in India. Our main goal to provide quality software and service on time on low price.

We have introduce a software for retail medical shops with customization facility as per your need on nominal price.
DairyMan Pro. Masters 
Dairy Master
Milk Man Master
Fat Lacto Wise Rate
Fat Wise Rate
Fat SNF Wise Rate
Rate Import Fat Wise
Rate Import FAT SNF wise
Member Wise Rate
Rate Mapping
Retail Party (Local Sale)
Buyer Master
Vendor Master
Route / Village Master
Vehicle Master
Deduction Setup
Rate Retail Milk Sale (Local Sale)
Rate Milk Sale
Item Master
Account Head
Process Master (Production)
Buyer (Production)
Rate (Production)
DairyMan Pro. Activity
Milk Collection
Payment to Milk Man
Payment to Milk Man (Auto)
Buyer Master
Deduction Setup
Payment from Buyer
Milk Collection (15 gram)
Milk Collection (Society Gujrat)
Milk Dispatch with Ghee And Powder
Milk Dispatch
Milk Sale
Item Purchases
Items Sale
Retail Sale (Local Sale)
Item Making
Day Book
Item Issue on Process (Production)
Item Receive from Process (Production)
Product Demand Entry (Production)
Product Sale (Production)
DairyMan Pro. Reports 
Milk Man Bill in 9 Formats
Daily Milk Collection List 2 Format
Milk Collection Receipts Statement
Milk Dispatch
Milk Dispatch (With Ghee and Powder)
Payment Sheet Date Wise
Milk Man Ledger
Buyer Ledger
Milk Stock
Daily Profit and Loss Statement
All Milk Man Ledger Consolidate
Rate Chart
Sift Summary
Member List
Day Book Statement
Route Wise Milk Collection Receipts Statement
Route Wise Sift Summary Sift Wise
Route Wise Sift Summary All
Route Wise Truck Sheet
Route Wise Route Summary
Route Wise Vehicle Summary
Vendor Ledger
All Retail Party Ledger Consolidate (Local Sale)
Item Sale Statement Item wise
Local Item Sale Statement Party wise
Item Stock
Retail Sale Statement (Local Sale)t
Advance Rate Chart Statement
Account Ledger (Product Buyer)
Account Ledger Consolidate (Product Buyer)
Product Routewise Sale Matrix
Product Demand Statement Matrix
Product Sale Satement Consolidate
Product Stock Statement
Product Stock Statement Consolidate
Product Issue on Process Statement
Product Issue on Process Statement Consolidate
Product Receive From Process Statement
Product Receive From Process Statement Consolidate
Process Stock Statement
Process Stock Statement Consolidate